Four Ways Dental Health is Related to Office Productivity

Office productivity is an essential metric for many businesses. For some, it’s one way to determine whether the company is doing well. For others, it can determine the revenue of the business. However, if a business wants to succeed, office productivity must be at an all-time high.

Interestingly, one way to help maintain high office productivity is by taking care of your dental health. Here are different ways dental health is related to office productivity and tips on how to handle them.

Employee Absence

Employee absenteeism is a serious problem in American companies. On average, companies lose about $3,600 for every absent hourly worker and around $2,600 for salaried employees. Employee absence is a huge deal, but did you know it’s also related to dental health?

A recent study found that toothache is the cause of 27% of absenteeism in an office. Presenteeism is a severe concern because employees are at work but not productive. They’re either using work time to rest or handle the pain. And absenteeism is also costly because it’s a loss of an employee for that day.

A business can handle this problem by offering dental health solutions and reducing the time needed for dental procedures.

One of the rising concerns of dental health and employee absence is connected to the needed time for dental procedures. For example, tooth implants can require weeks to accomplish. But by helping your employees look for same-day tooth implants, you can reduce the procedure to less than thirty minutes. This means they can get the implant they need without missing out on work! However, what if the employee is absent because their family member has dental health problems?

Absence Due to Family Dental Health Problems

Children are likely to have more dental health problems than adults. This is because their teeth are still growing and developing. When a child has a dental problem, the parent often has to take time off from work to deal with it. And this can be a massive problem for businesses.

Employees absent due to family problems, especially dental health, are unacceptable. But as a business owner, you can offer ways to go around this. One way is by providing transportation for the family member to and from the dentist. This way, the employee can still go to work without worrying about their family member.

Another way is by providing dental insurance for the entire family. This way, the family can get the dental care they need without missing work.

An employee at work but not working


Presenteeism is a considerable concern in businesses. It occurs when employees are at work but not productive. Presenteeism is when an employee is physically at work but not productive. Companies are losing a lot of money because employees aren’t working to their fullest potential.

Dental problems aren’t debilitating enough for employees to call in sick, but they can still negatively affect productivity. This is because they are likely to go into the office, rest most of the time, and then go home. It’s not as bad as absenteeism, but it has the potential to be more costly in the long run.

There are a few ways businesses can reduce presenteeism. One way is by ensuring that your employees have good dental health. You can do this by having seminars and talks on dental health. Another way to reduce presenteeism is by having an on-site dentist. This way, your employees can get the dental care they need without leaving work. For example, they can get their teeth cleaned or have a cavity filled without worrying about productivity.

On-site dentists are a great way to reduce presenteeism and promote dental health in the workplace. Employees can get the dental care they need without having to leave work.

Depression Due to Dental Health

Mental health and productivity are closely linked. Studies have shown that employees who have depression are less productive than those who don’t. Depression is a mental health disorder that can seriously affect an individual’s ability to function.

Dental health has been linked to depression. For example, a study found that people with dental problems were more likely to be depressed than those without dental problems. This is because dental problems can cause a lot of pain and stress. And when an individual is in pain, they’re more likely to be depressed.

You can handle this situation by offering therapy and counseling to employees struggling with dental health. You can also provide on-site dental care to help them reduce the pain and stress that they’re experiencing.

Dental health is a significant concern for businesses. But you can deal with this problem by offering the solutions we’ve indicated above. In addition, you can also improve your employees’ productivity, mental health, and overall well-being, which can also improve their job satisfaction.

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