Can Artificial Intelligence Ensure Your Safety at Home?

With the advent of computers, smartphones, and emerging technologies, we feel much closer to the idea of a futuristic society. We can’t help but think of what other aspects of our daily lives can technology also transform and innovate. In fact, even by simply comparing the progress we’ve made since the industrial revolution, technology today has vastly improved.

Chief among these emerging technologies is artificial intelligence, and its presence has been significant across a wide array of industries. From healthcare to financial services, marketing to logistics, it has undoubtedly made its mark by increasing overall efficiency and improving the quality of operations. You could even go as far as to say that AI, machine learning frameworks, and deep learning technologies will pave the way for our future.

One place that you’d least expect AI to trickle down to, though, is your very own home. Whether you’re aware of it or not, it might already be helping you out—with the likes of Siri making reservations, Alexa playing your favorite song over the speakers, and even Google Assistant helping you look for something online. These things are but some subtle yet very helpful ways AI has changed our lives.

But what happens if we take it up a notch?

Just as you would contact an estate planning lawyer to protect your beneficiaries, can Artificial Intelligence actually help guarantee and improve the home safety and security of you and your family?

AI-Powered Home Automation

The introduction of Artificial Intelligence into our homes has led to the development of smart homes. And along with its development came AI-powered home automation, with the potential to be one of the best ways to optimize utility consumption and cost-efficiency.

What this means for you and your family is that it provides you with a control panel that will help you easily access and manage all of your lighting, appliances, thermostat, and more. However, unlike existing smart meters and home automation systems, AI can go beyond just updating you about the status of your utilities.

AI-Powered home automation systems monitor your usage and power consumption, learn from this data, and adapt and make the necessary changes to save the most energy. And all of this happens without you having to lift a finger, which makes it much more sustainable and reliable as it is not subject to human error.

While power consumption savings do not necessarily have a direct effect on your home safety, they protect you and your family from incurring unnecessarily large expenses, which frees up more of your budget for other functional choices. Furthermore, home automation means that your very own house will adjust to suit your needs, which is sure to help make you feel more comfortable and secure all day long.

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Intelligent Home Security Systems

Although the installation of standard home security systems complete with CCTV cameras can get the job done in most cases, it still requires human intervention to function properly. And if on one unlucky day you were careless, it could jeopardize you and your family’s safety.

This is where you should weigh in favor of AI because intelligent home security systems don’t need to be closely monitored. They are also constantly gathering data and learning to work in the most optimal ways possible, and among the following are some methods it uses to keep you safe:

  • Movement Detection and Facial Recognition

An intelligent home security system uses cameras and sensors placed around your house to detect movement and even offer facial recognition. And when it notices anything suspicious entering your home, it will immediately notify and warn you. On top of that, if it can spot and process a suspicious person through the cameras, you can rest assured knowing that the system will also send out a warning.

  • Voice Assistant

Like how Siri and Alexa function, an intelligent home security system will allow you to use voice commands to immediately inquire about your home security status and details. So, whether you’re at work or on a business trip, it will give you the ability to monitor and control your home security system remotely.

Future of Home Safety

While the venture of artificial intelligence into home safety and security is still in its infancy, it is quickly making progress and innovations with each passing day. Soon enough, much of the futuristic society we dreamed of in our minds might actually be much closer than you think. And who knows what else AI can bring onto the table in the years to come.

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