Building a Multi-purpose Court For Your Community

Sports take up most of the hobby of both men and women. Aside from keeping yourself fit and healthy, sports can also train your basic leadership and tactical skills. It can also build your confidence level. That’s why more people are building their court in the comfort of their backyard. Some even plan to build a community court to help kids and teenagers from their neighborhood to be more active and participative in sports and recreational programs.

If you have a big space and lot in your backyard, and you are planning to build a multi-purpose court for your family, then these tips are for you. Here are four tips you should consider before deciding to build a court for your loved ones or even for your community.

Decide Which Sport You Want to Play on The Court

The first step in building a multi-purpose court is to decide and consider what sports you want people to play on it. Is it for your family only? What sports are they into? And, what other sports do you want to play?

Typically, a multi-purpose game court can be converted into a sports arena for up to 15 games. But choosing your main sport can help in designing your court. If your family is into basketball, there must be a three-point line. Meanwhile, if your family is into volleyball, you would also need a net in the middle.

Decide on The Size of Your Backyard Court

at a basketball court

Once you have chosen what sports to feature in the court you are building, it is also important to know the size and space of your property. Building a backyard court depends on the town and zones within each city.

Determine whether you prefer to build a half-court or full-court and if your backyard can accommodate it. To make it easier for you, you can get a free consultation from multi-court builders, like Courts Unlimited and Sports Surfacing.

Choose the Right Contractor

Like in anything else, it is vital to find the right partner and contractor when building your multi-purpose court. It is a unique and major construction project in your backyard, so the contractor who you would work with must have the same vision as you have.

Some things you may also consider are their reputation and affordability. Also, don’t forget to check if the contractor you will choose is insured and if they have vast experience in building courts.

Find the Best Athletic Surface

It is common for multi-purpose courts to use concrete or asphalt, especially when it is in the backyard. But asphalt and concrete courts do not provide cushioning and further surfacing, which can cause injuries. You might want to apply a bit of acrylic to provide a small layer of protection.

Whether you plan to build a basketball court, volleyball court or a multi-purpose court, what is important is that you and your family can all enjoy playing inside it. Aside from promoting health and wellness, playing together in the court can also be a good bonding time that you and your family can enjoy.

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