Big Ideas for Your Small Home

Lifestyles have changed tremendously over the past years. While there are still maximalist people who want to live in bigger houses, the number of people who choose to live in smaller spaces is growing. They have found that living in smaller condominiums or apartments is much cheaper and that it keeps them from bringing in a lot of things. Having such minimalist living arrangements will even help you reframe your mindset — it will inspire you to focus on what is more important.

However, living in a small space may not always be bliss. For those who are transitioning to this living arrangement, it could be a major challenge. This is especially true if you have not yet mastered the art of maximizing space. This may stress and even tire you out. Thankfully, there are ways you can actually improve how you use space. Here are some tips.

Be smart with storage

For you to have a bigger space, you need to keep all your items in the right storage spaces. But sometimes, storage spaces, such as large cabinets, take up large floor areas. So, what you should do is be smart with your storage. You can go for collapsible shelves or those that are hidden in plain sight. For one, your boxy center table can have a space underneath that can accommodate books. You can have a custom woodworking company in Salt Lake City make a cabinet specially designed for your home.

Go for multi-functional furniture

Reducing the number of furniture and fixtures in your home can help you free up space. But, you can do it without actually losing functional items by going for multi-purpose furniture. Some furniture pieces can double as other items. For example, your dining table can be your work station, too. Your bed can have some storage underneath where you can keep your clothes.


Use the spaces above

The goal is to free up floor space, so where you should put your other things? If you want to add more storage space without using floor space, you can use the upper portion of the walls. Floating shelves and cabinets are a nice touch to your home. You can even maximize the corners.

Do away with the clutter

Sometimes, the space becomes crowded because there is just a lot of clutter around. Old boxes, shelves, and worn-out furniture pieces are all unnecessary. Get rid of these items and you will see how spacious your home actually is. Also, make it a point to only bring in things that you will actually need.

Living in a small condominium unit or apartment can be one of the best decisions that you will make. It helps you reshape your lifestyle by teaching you to only bring your important stuff. Any excess of it may make it difficult for you to move around. The key to tiny house living is proper planning and smart storage. When you implement these things, you are sure to have a comfortable living arrangement.

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