6 Hobbies that Can Turn into Side Hustles

You can take ownership of certain things to do for fun and still make a living. Earning while enjoying something is clearly a meaningful way to live life. If you feel like your 9-to-5 job is killing you, maybe you can explore your passions and see if they can lead to a business idea. Here are some fun hobbies that can start out as a hobby and later turn into a money-making idea for you and your family:

Photography and Fashion

You can opt to get known for reselling clothing franchise business opportunities. You can also build your own line and use attractive photos to invite people to try your outfits. Photography and fashion usually go hand in hand, and they are successful for attracting young customers like millennials to be rabid followers of a trustworthy brand.


You may not be the next J.K. Rowling or R.L. Stine, but you may find your rhythm in the cadence of words and imagination. Writing is a good hobby or outlet. A lot of people consider it a healing activity even with the demands of this modern world. People can express themselves creatively with words, and it does not take too much to get started. All you need is a decent laptop or, if you are a bit more old-fashioned, pen and paper.

However, the demand for writers in this content-driven age is just as high. Make sure that you find good niches to write about like technology, and you’re set to earn good money or a decent living out of this hobby as well. Wattpad and other apps allow you to self-publish creative works so that you can get paid to write anything under the sun as long as there’s a reader or bunch of readers for that kind of topic.

Drawing or Illustration

Drawing or illustration can help you land a good gig in designing logos, marketing collateral, book covers, and many others. Your penchant for colors and vectors may just pay off and become your next literal cash cow. Of course, just make sure that you find the right clients who pay the right amount for this kind of work.

Cleaning and Home Design

Errands are hard for some people. Cleaning and designing homes are two of these errands that can catapult you into a side hustle. If you like cleaning activities or chores, post them online, and you might find that friends will be willing to pay you for this kind of work, and regularly at that.


Bread shop owners

Food is a very lucrative source of income online. You can bake pastries or cook meat lasagna. Have your product labeled and then shipped to different places with online store setups on Facebook or Instagram. Make some mouth-watering or drool-worthy images to accompany your posts, and you’re good to go. If the quality of your food is really good, the customers will eventually find their way into your merchandise.


Travel hacks are plentiful for you? Not everyone has that skill. Help people plan and save money from their trips, and you may be making a side income off your creative resourcefulness.

Not all people are willing to make money out of their side hustle. For this, it is an individual decision. However, if you think that you can supplement your income with something fun, then this list may just help get you started.

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