6 Best Ways to Dog-Proof Your Backyard

Just because your dog always wants to escape doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you. Dogs are naturally curious about their surroundings, but you don’t want them to get lost in their adventures.

Dogs escape their backyards for lots of reasons. Perhaps they are yearning for a friend or see something they just have to sniff on the other side of the fence. Other times, they are bored in their current surroundings or want to chase a squirrel or a cat.

Whatever the reason may be, a dog that escapes the yard may not be able to find their way back. To prevent your pup from getting lost, here’s what you can do to dog-proof your yard:

1. Have your fences extended

Whether you have a Beverly Hills-inspired wrought iron railing or a traditional wooden fence, the best way to keep your dog from jumping over is to extend the fence. You can make it a few inches higher to make it impossible for them to jump higher, but there’s a limit to how high you can set your fence, depending on your neighborhood.

Try installing a lean-in or an L-footer on top of your fence. These awning-type installments can easily deter both jumpers and climbers, but won’t sacrifice the aesthetic quality of your fence.

2. Remove things that dogs can climb on

Don’t make it easy for your dog to climb over the fence, even if you think they can’t jump that high. Take a walk around your backyard and look for possible climbing aids near the fence, such as chairs, trash cans, rocks, or woodpiles.

3. Put digging deterrents

If you have a dog that likes to tunnel under the fence, pour a concrete footer or bury chicken wire underneath it. It also helps to reprimand your pet every time they dig in the ground, even if they don’t do it near the fence.

4. Get a bump collar

If your fence has slats that your puppy or small dog can fit through, you can buy a bumper collar that is filled with light material and can keep your dog from slipping through the fence.

5. Check for weak spots

If you’ve had the fence for quite some time now, check the perimeter for weak spots that your dog can chew or break through.

6. Block the view

house fence

For dogs, the grass is always greener on the other side. If you don’t want your dog to escape because of something they saw on the other side of the fence, block their view with plastic slats or bamboo reeds.


After you dog-proof your backyard to keep your furry best friend from escaping, here are other tips that should help keep them from running off when they see an opportunity:

  • Make sure they get plenty of exercise
  • Transform the yard into dog heaven with toys, shade, and plenty of water
  • Keep them inside the house if you have to leave them unsupervised
  • Play with them in the yard as much as you can
  • Get them neutered so they don’t run off to find a mate
  • Hold onto your dog’s collar whenever you have to open the front door

You can also ‘microchip’ your dog so that if they happen to escape, you can easily find out where they are and bring them home. Your pet, family, and neighbors will benefit if you follow the tips mentioned here.

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