5 Instances Where an Insurance Adjuster is Needed

As a homeowner or businessman, you can face several unforeseen natural and human-induced emergencies that could compromise your safety and cause undue damages to your property or business. This is why it’s critical to have an insurance policy that covers both acts of God and human-induced damages.

In any of these cases, having a public claims adjuster is a must to ensure that your best interest will be protected when filing a claim with your insurance company. Such a professional is not in any way affiliated with the insurance company and instead work for you.

While you may opt to just work with the claims adjuster that will be offered by the insurance company at no cost to you, hiring an adjuster can be your best option.

A public adjuster will charge up to 15% of the settlement amount that your insurance company will offer. Because a public adjuster is not connected with the insurance company, you can be confident that the adjuster will strive to get the highest claim amount possible. You can also save yourself the trouble of having to take care of all documentary requirements and provide the needed information to facilitate your claims; your adjuster can handle them for you. Your claims can be processed fast since the public adjuster knows everything needed to facilitate and secure claims from insurance companies.

But what are the instances where an insurance adjuster is required? Here are five situations that call for the service of an expert:


Fire is one of the leading hazards that entrepreneurs and homeowners face. Insurance claims for fire damages are, incidentally, among the most common reasons for insurance claims.


Hurricane is another natural hazard that could cause tremendous damages to commercial and residential properties. This natural calamity can cause structural damages, as well as water damages to properties. If your property suffered from a hurricane, your claims adjuster can work with your insurance company to facilitate the release of money needed to help keep you back on your feet.


Burglary or theft is yet another ever-present possibility that could cause a business or a private residence some serious financial setback. However, having a claims adjuster on your side can take your worries by making sure that your insurance provider will provide you with the appropriate financial compensation for your loss.

Water damage

As mentioned, water damage can happen due to hurricanes, as well as flooding. Water damages could cost several thousand dollars – but worry not since your adjuster can negotiate for the amount that could cover repair costs.

Business losses

people in a business meeting

Business-savvy individuals who have suffered serious losses due to recession or other disruptions in operation could also benefit from hiring a public adjuster. The adjuster can file the claim on your behalf and bargain for the highest-possible amount to give you the seed fund needed to restart your business venture.

Whichever of these instances apply to you, it’s important that you hire a certified and licensed public adjuster. This will assure you of the best kind of service, so you can secure the maximum claim amount from your insurance company.

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