4 Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips Every Car Owner Should Know

After toiling to save up and possibly even taking a loan to get a car, the last thing any car owner would want would be to have their hard-earned vehicle stolen. Sadly, this incident is just as common as it is frustrating and costly. Some cities in Utah experience 2.5 more car thefts than the national average. It’s not enough for you to simply lock your car every time you get out of it to prevent your beloved vehicle from getting stolen.

As such, we’ll be taking a look at different ways you can further improve your car’s security and guard it against theft:

#1 Choose A Safe Place to Park

This is arguably the best way for any car owner to prevent their car from being stolen. You may have heard of neighborhoods that boast the fact that they’re safe enough that they don’t feel the need to lock their front doors or their vehicles as they’re parked by the curb. Sadly, not every parking spot can be as secure as these places, so it’s best to be smart with your choice of the parking area. Make sure to park your vehicle in a well-lit area, or at least one that has a lot of people nearby (AKA witnesses) to deter thieves. Choosing a parking area that’s part of the neighborhood watch or is monitored with cameras or even security personnel can also further reduce the risk of car theft.

#2 Never Leave Your Car While It’s Still Running

A lot of people are guilty of going out of their car ‘just for a second’ while it’s still running to get something they forgot or to do a quick errand. But remember, it also takes a second for a car thief to jump into your car and drive off as soon as you turn your back on it. So make sure that you always switch off your car and take your keys with you. Plus, in some states and cities, it’s illegal to keep a vehicle running while it’s unmanned.

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#3 Don’t Keep Valuables Exposed in Your Car

While it’s not necessarily car theft, having your car vandalized (i.e., the windows broken) to steal an item inside it is an ever-present (and also frustrating) threat. Car owners should avoid leaving wallets, gadgets, jewelry, or even bags inside their vehicle as this can tempt any criminal to break into your car and steal them. As an added level of security, you can also have your car windows tinted to make it harder for criminals to see into your car, just make sure that you follow your state or city’s regulation with regards to vehicle tints. And speaking of windows, make sure that your windows are completely closed as a thief can reach through it with tools to unlock the door or snatch items.

#4 Tracking and Alarm System

One of the most effective ways for you to safeguard your vehicle is by installing a tracking device or security system into it. At the very least, you’d want to have a car alarm installed (though most vehicles nowadays do have one installed), and a GPS tracker on your vehicle so you and the authorities can easily find it if it ever gets stolen. Or, better yet, you can check with your local vehicle upgrades shop in Utah County that offers security systems with both GPS tracking and smart control (such as remote start, locking, and even vehicle health monitoring).


While always remembering to lock your car (or using your car’s automatic locking system) is important to avoid car theft, it’s best to go the extra mile to further secure your vehicle by following these basic yet effective car theft prevention tips.

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