3 Things You Need to Know About Residential Framing

Framing is used in construction to provide support to hold up the structure of a house or building. Homes that don’t want to use concrete blocks for construction generally utilize framing to support their houses. In Utah, framing contractors can be hired to construct the structure.

Though some people also pick it up as a DIY project as it can be relatively straightforward. Though for big projects such as multi-story homes, it’s best to hire experts as things can get complicated or too much to handle. In general, here are some things to know about framing if you are planning a construction project.

You can use a variety of materials

Frames and usually constructed with lightweight but durable materials. Wood and steel are two popular choices. Steel is by far stronger than wood and can last a long time. This is because wood tends to corrode or crack after many years of use.

It is also a good choice for warm weather places, as you want a frame for your house that is not going to expand and contract and crack as a result. Wood is also more susceptible to rot or termites. This is why some people choose to use treated or engineered wood.

Steel makes for good earthquake compliant buildings, as it tends to bend or sway with motion. It is also very strong and can easily support multiple stories.

Wood frames use balloon or platform methods

Balloon framing can typically be found in older houses and structures. In this type of framing, long vertical wooden logs are placed, which run the length of the entire house. It allows for high ceilings, arched windows and doorways, and are better suited for earthquake-prone zones.

However, platform framing is much easier to implement and is commonly found in most houses built today. In platform framing, each floor is divided by a joint or platform. This helps prevent the spread of fires. It’s also much easier to find wooden studs that are short and sturdy than very long ones.

You are going to need the following equipment

It’s possible to do simple constructions such as barns or gazebos at home using a variety of power tools. The most important things that you are going to need are different types of saws, drills and knives. The process basically involved cutting different lengths of wood and fitting them together.

The type of wood you choose is also going to play an important role in the quality of your framing. Usually, softwoods such as pine or fir are ideal to work with, and also last a long time. Some people prefer to use recycled wood from older houses, and these are generally hardwoods.

When it comes to framing, you have a limited number of choices, in terms of material. However, you can choose to construct it in a number of ways, and your construction style can range from structural to decorative.

This relatively straightforward process can take up your spare time, and nicely done framing can add a wow factor to your home.

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