3 Marketing Strategies to Bring Your Business to a Whole New Level

Cliche, yes, but it’s still the early bird that catches the worm. Unless you strive to take the lead and innovate, other businesses, even new ones can overtake you. To avoid that, one area you have to focus on is marketing.

It’s time to put a stop on the cookie-cutter strategies and instead bring them to greater heights:

1. Video Production

No doubt, video marketing is a holy grail for many businesses. In the data compiled by Wordstream, over 45% of marketers said that videos provide the best ROI. After all, they’re easy to share, engaging, and, most of all, persuasive.

But with millions of videos out there, how do you make yours stand out? Look for American drone manufacturers and buy the best commercial drone your money can afford.

Drones provide you with cinematic, crystal-clear shots that look amazing on videos that are on HD settings. However, these aerial devices don’t come equal. Commercial drones are way better despite the higher price tag with their durability, versatility, and camera integration.

2. Mobile SEO

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A website is nothing if it’s not searchable on the engines, particularly Google. That’s why you do search engine optimization (SEO). The ultimate goal is to rank high on your chosen targeted keywords so your page will appear.

However, you can optimize this strategy with mobile SEO. As its name suggests, you enhance your site as it appears on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones.

There are a couple of reasons to do this:

  • More people are searching – and buying – online. According to Statista, nearly 300 million Americans will be using smartphones in 2024. That will be almost 25 million more people from 2020. The same site also cited that about 230 million will be shopping online in 2021 or a massive increase from around $210 million in 2016.
  • Mobile is overtaking desktop.¬†From GlobalStats, the worldwide market share of mobile devices is 50.3% in June 2020 compared to 47% of desktop.

Perhaps the most convincing reason is Google itself. The mega search engine has already shifted to mobile-first indexing, which means it prioritizes mobile pages when displaying results.

If you’re looking for more ideas on how to do mobile SEO, backlinko.com has many tips. You can use the same information to find the best SEO team for the job.

3. Sustainability

Writing for Business Insider, Remi Rosmarin said it best: these days, it’s not enough you have a good product. If you want to win your consumers, it’s time to embrace sustainability.

  • More consumers are becoming eco-conscious.
  • About 70% of the millennials, who make up a bulk of the consumers, are willing to pay a premium price for a sustainable product.
  • Generation Z is extremely aware of environmental harm. This group has a spending power of a staggering $140 billion.

How can your business embrace sustainability? There are many ways. Besides packaging, you can partner with local suppliers for raw materials or wholesale and retail. You can also begin offering environment-friendly products, taking a cue from the likes of Ikea.

Marketing rewards the innovative, creative, and ingenious. With these strategies, you can continue taking the lead regardless of the industry you’re in.

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