10 Small Home Businesses to Start in a Pandemic

The coronavirus swept all over the world and affected our way of life. Those who got retrenched or furloughed started looking for ways to earn and provide for their families’ needs.

While there are a lot of job opportunities online, there are also several things you can do at home to make a living despite the present crisis we’re in.

What You Can Launch During the Pandemic

  1. PPE Manufacturing

Personal protective equipment or PPE, for apparent reasons, are very much in demand nowadays. You can start a business producing masks and face shields to protect people from droplets. If you have the right equipment and enough help, you can even create fashionable overalls that people can wear when they go to work or run errands.

  1. Shirt Printing

Just because most folks are working remotely nowadays doesn’t mean the demand for clothes has gone down. With white-collar America working from home, a lot have taken to buying more comfortable clothes to wear around the house. You can print shirts and hoodies in your garage or basement with insta graphic systems or the old reliable silkscreen.

  1. Pandemic Essentials Distribution

If you have enough capital, you can be a distributor for some pandemic essentials such as hand sanitizers, PPEs, and other goods deemed essential to survive the pandemic.

  1. Home Bakeshop

baked goods

When the lockdowns first started in spring, a lot of folks have turned to baking to minimize their boredom. If you’re one of those people who took baking seriously while you were stuck at home, you can turn that hobby into something a bit more profitable

  1. Meal-Prepping and Delivery

Along with baking, most folks either learned to cook or further developed their meal-prepping skills. Come up with a simple menu with enough choices for people and prepare their meals for them. You can either have it delivered to them or do curbside pick-up if your customers are nearby.

  1. Online Tutorial

Online tutoring is a lucrative side gig nowadays, especially with distance learning in place. You can offer your services to parents to help their children out with their lessons.

  1. Soap Making

If you’re into making home-made soaps for a hobby, why don’t you turn it into a side business to add to your income? You can offer them to friends and acquaintances or sell them on online marketplaces.

  1. Remote Fitness Training

For fitness buffs who have extensive knowledge and experience with health and fitness, you can offer to coach people online and help them achieve their fitness goals,

  1. Shopping Services

While technically not a home-based business, offering your services to do people’s shopping is getting to be more popular as the days go by. That is especially helpful for those who are elderly, single parents who can’t leave their kids, or the immuno-compromised.

  1. 3D Printing Services

Since the lockdowns took place, supplies for specific parts and materials have become harder to acquire. If you have a 3D printer, you can help meet the need for certain plastic parts by having them 3D-printed and selling them.

Don’t let the coronavirus limit you. There are a lot more things that you can do to help you augment your income. You only need to be resourceful, creative, and persevering.

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